Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new chapter, carved, folded, and glued from another.

In the past few months I have become introduced to, and intrigued by, a movement called book art. In my favorite indie bookstore hangs a book that bears fruit, literally. The cover is suspended from the roof and held open with what looks as if a bunch of grapes made from gently folded pages springing from the spine, almost as if to say "Come, get drunk from my vine".

This amazing, inspired creation really opened my eyes to the multiple possibilities I could dive into with the ever growing collection of dust gather-ers I have on my bookshelf, bedside table, coffee table, beside my recliner... You get the idea. So for my first project, I am going to be creating (attempting) a Mississippi steamboat from a Mark Twain collection. Hopefully I'll somewhat successful. I'll have postings with updates on this and further looks into this world of book art and all it involves and births.

Let me know what you have going on. What hobbies/art/projects are consuming your free time?

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