Monday, November 19, 2012

We Meet Again!!!

Hello world, and fellow Blerds*. It's been a while. I must say that this past five years and 5928.3 miles has been far to long to be out of touch with you. The last time I had a blog it was when it was still socially acceptable to admit that you had a MySpace in public, which makes this time five years seems like 8.5 decades in cyber time.

But nevertheless, my billions of closest friends and memes, I am here now and have stories to tell, inquiries to lay on you and people for you to meet. But first, here is a picture of a ferret plotting an escape.

For more on this, check in periodically with my new favorite person in the whole Twitterverse and fellow coffee powered writer Ksenia Anske. (follow her for a barrage of awesome and encouragement when it's needed. Oh yeah, and ferrets. @kseniaanske)

For now I must go attend to a "mandatory staff meeting," that if I don't attend "I will be excused from employment," yada yada. But, I hope to be back here soon to let you in on the mania that is a (daily/weekly/whenever I damn well please?) walk through my thoughts. Be prepared.

*Blerds: Blog nerds. A friendly colloquial term for those in cyber space who have a love for tipping their ear over the keyboard and letting all contents escape. I just made it up. Ferrets.

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